Error Sending proxy from 2 different business system to PI

Hi All,
We are trying to send the proxy to XI system from 2 different business systems. One is ECC and other is POSDM, It is successfully sent from ECC but when sending the same from POSDM we are getting following error
"An error occurred when determining the business system (LD_ERROR)"
We checked the RFC SAPSLDAPI, LCRSAPRFC they are in place. We have also created the type H connection from POSDM pointing to PI and from PI pointing to POSDM.
And the In sxmb_adm of POSDM system the role is maintained as Application System and IS_URL parameter is pointing to PI, but still we are getting same error.
Could you all experts please provide you valuable input why this error is coming and how to resolve this?


Hi Soni,
check your config in sxmb_adm > Integration Engine Configuration. Also run S_BCE_68001402 and check for locked users.
Try refreshing the cache in SXI_CACHE in that system.
Check if u r executing the report in the same client in which u have done all the settings.
Also make sure that u have included the commit work statement after the Execute Asynchronous method call.