Error saving map. Stored procedure returned non-zero result. Check if source and target schemas are present.

I am using VS 2012 and BizTalk 2013 and attempting to deploy an application to BizTalk when I get these errors:
Error 47
at Microsoft.BizTalk.Deployment.Assembly.BtsMap.Save()
   at Microsoft.BizTalk.Deployment.Assembly.BtsArtifactCollection.Save()
   at Microsoft.BizTalk.Deployment.Assembly.BtsAssembly.Save(String applicationName)
   at Microsoft.BizTalk.Deployment.BizTalkAssembly.PrivateDeploy(String server, String database, String assemblyPathname, String applicationName)
   at Microsoft.BizTalk.Deployment.BizTalkAssembly.Deploy(Boolean redeploy, String server, String database, String assemblyPathname, String group, String applicationName, ApplicationLog log)
0 0
Error 49
Failed to add resource(s). Change requests failed for some resources. BizTalkAssemblyResourceManager failed to complete end type change request. Failed to deploy map "XXX.BTS2013.XXX.Maps.map_XXXX_R01_InsLabProc".
Error saving map. Stored procedure returned non-zero result. Check if source and target schemas are present. Error saving map. Stored procedure returned non-zero result. Check if source and target schemas are present.
0 0
Error 46
Failed to deploy map "XXX.BTS2013.XXX.Maps.map_XXXX_R01_InsLabProc".
Error saving map. Stored procedure returned non-zero result. Check if source and target schemas are present.
0 0
I also tried to Import a MSI file from our test environment to see if that would the same errors.  After spending hours (not kidding) looking for an answer, all I could find is that a hotfix would work.  So, I got the hotfix from Microsoft
Support and applied it then rebooted.  Still getting the same errors.  I'm absolutely at a stand still.  Interesting that I got this application to deploy yesterday and then the next time I deployed it I started getting these errors.  I'm
ready to pull my hair out!
Is there an answer for this out there somewhere?  Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Dave,
Which hotfix have you applied? I don't think a hotfix of this issue is available for BizTalk 2013 yet. You should create a
support ticket with Microsoft to get a solution.
If this answers your question please mark as answer. If this post is helpful, please vote as helpful by clicking the upward arrow mark next to my reply.

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