Error saving file

Hello there,
We've got a problem with saving our design/file at this moment.
The error describes: there are problems with the Adobe PDF-classification: an number is out of range...
We're saving the file as CS6-version with PDF-compatible option selected. For now we can't save any file.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


You have to provide the exact PDF settings and system info and all that. Sounds more like you are using an unsuitable combination of settings and create an out-of-spec PDF-X file or something like that. Also check your artwork. This could also be a specific item on your artboard not translating properly to PDF data because it has an odd appearance setting or something like that...

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Sign on problems within Elements 10; plus cannot backup, writing files error with file catalog.pse10db.  No indication what the problem is.  How do I get adobe help with these problems?Sign on problems within Elements 10; plus cannot backup, writing