Error Message: HP 6700 unable to scan, copy, or send a fax

My printer screen has  "unable to scan, copy, or send a fax" when I try to copy.  Have Window Vista Basic.


Thanks for you message. My printer works now again.
My regards

Just updated to IOS 7 and two issues:  First when I connect my iPhone to my computer I get this error message:itunes was unable to provider data from sync services".

Just updated to IOS 7 and two issues:  First when I connect my iPhone to my computer I get this error message:itunes was unable to provider data from sync services".  I'm not sure what this really means... The second issue is when I try to select &qu

I get the following error message when trying to instal in copy: "Creative Cloud Installer" can't be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.

I get the following error message when trying to instal in copy: "Creative Cloud Installer" can't be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.Mac Unidentified Developer Issue Here's how to open apps that apple should not

Error message in processing log in VA02 in External send.

Hi, In my smartform I am using READ_TEXT to read one text and I have checked the exceptions also in the call to function module. CALL FUNCTION 'READ_TEXT' EXPORTING ID                            = 'ST' LANGUAGE                      = ZNAST-SPRAS NAME

Error message while using the hyperion planning copy utility

When i try to copy an application from production server to development server using copy utility ,having relation databases in SQL server i got the following error message. " D:\Hyperion\Planning\bin>copyApp /S:PLAN /T:HYP_PLAN /P:copyapp.propert

I'm getting error messages that read, "unable to update files in cache"

Ever since I've installed the latest version of Firefox onto my laptop, I've been getting a message error that reads, "unable to update files in cache," repeatedly. I was wondering if this is a settings issue?FYI... The problem is with web page

Error message: no valid initialization after client copy

Hi, We recently did a client copy of our quality BW and R/3 systems from preproduction. In the 'new' clients we have problems with the delta process for 2LIS_13_VDITM. We get an error message that there was no valid initialization in the system, wher

I keep getting an error message when i am trying to create and send a contract... help?

(echosign_dev1__SignatureType__c: echosign_dev1__SIGN_Agreement__c: bad field names on insert/update call: echosign_dev1__SignatureType__c, echosign_dev1__Opportunity__c, echosign_dev1__Cc__c, echosign_dev1__Recipient__c) This is the error message I

Error message: iTunes was unable to load provider data from Sync Services.

I get this message every time I sync my iPhone. I can't tell what impact it is having. Anyone know what this means?I get this same message when restoring from the v 2.0 firmware update. The impact for me is that my phone is wiped clean an none of my

I get an Error Message  +1 (1)(216)116-11 Please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or short code.

The message shows when I text my dad. It just started yesterday. In my contacts, his number does have an area code. We both have the same Iphone model. I have deleted him contact info and  I still get the message. I manually type in his mobile number

PC Suite Error message - "Unable to load resources...

Hi I have just updated to PC Suite and constantly get the following error message popping up - Unable to load resources - c:/program files\nokia\nokia pc suite\Lang\PcSynch2_eng.nir. Has this been reported before? Cheers Details as follows: P

Error Message "Setup cannot copy the file gp.ocx".

When I try to download Reader X to new Dell laptop running Windows 7 Pro, I get the error message as follows. Setup cannot copy the file gp.ocx.  Ensure that the locations specified below is correct, or change it and insert (Unknown) in the drive you

Force copy/suppress error messages?

Hi all, I'm trying to copy my extremely fragmented 40gb photo library from an extremely slow external HD to my mac HD. After it spends hours getting halfway there, I get an error saying it can't copy, and the operation fails. Is there any way I can c

Oracle8 Error Message ora-12203 TNS unable to connect to destination

I am receiving error message 12203 TNS unable to connect to destination when trying to connect to the database. Also notice Oracle TNSListener80 isn't starting properly. I start the service and close services and open up again and the service is not

PC/Win 64bit/Creative Cloud " We are unable to load all your plans. Please try again" error message

I've just signed up with CC on my Win PC 7/64bit and when I log on to my Adobe account I get this error message, "We are unable to load all your plans & products. Please try again. Just below it I get the correct:  Creative Cloud Membership/One Y

How do I prevent "The user profile service service failed the log on" error messages?

I work for an organization with approximately 60 staff members across ~80 Windows 7 Professional PCs. Users log in with Active Directory accounts. Approximately once per month, a random user will get an error message while attempting to log into thei

Error messages when relocating or consolidating originals

Hi! I decided yesterday to make my managed Aperture Library a Referenced Library for future purposes (using other software, etc.). So, I highlighted all of my images (142,000) and chose Relocate Originals. I chose a newly erased and reformatted Hitac

Error messages when trying to install Microsoft Works 4.0 on my Hard Drive

My internal hard drive crashed (died) with all of my applications (programs) on it. I have successfully installed back all of my applications from the original program disks with the exception of Microsoft Works Vers. 4.0c. Works will not install the

Error message: cannot verify or repair storage

I am having problems with the storage function on my computer.  I have a MacBook I bought in 2010 and upgraded with Mac OS Lion last year.  I tried using disk utilitiy this afternoon because my computer was running sluggishly.  When I tried to verify

Error message when log in

Hi! I'm using 10.4.11 server with OD. Newly created network users with WGM are not allowed on a 10.5.1 client to log in. The system displays a error message "You are unable to login to the user account "XXX" at this time." "Loggin