Error in E-rec web Service and BSP

Hi Folks
We are facing an issue with Requisition Management in E-rec. A workflow is triggered for requisition management and goes to approver. The workitem does not appear in the UWL of the user however when we monitor the log, it shows the workitem is with approver and without any error.
Our problem is it does not show the workitem in the approver's UWL and when we test the approval serivce and handler service in SICF, it gives us the following message
1.Service Name : wshandler (REQUEST HANDLER FOR WEB SERVICES)
Error in Web service execution
The launch handler was called with an incomplete parameter list
2.Service name :  hrrcf_approval (Recruiter: Approval of Status Change)
Error message : Calling the BSP page was terminated due to an error.
SAP Note
The following error text was processed in the system:
BSP Exception: Das Objekt default.htm in der URL /sap/bc/bsp/sap/hrrcf_approval/default.htm?sap-client=100&sap-sessioncmd=open ist nicht gültig.
Please guide us, how to fix.
Netweaver team


Hi,  Were you able to resolve this issue?
IF not then please go to transaction wf_handcust and maintain the entries under Launch Handler, Callback Handler and callback Dialog. I had the same issue and your's was the only related message I could search in SDN so thought of sharing the solution.