Error Document type "" not defined

Hi All,
I am getting below error message when i am trying to see the output of a query build on Infoset in SAP R3 system.
The Infoset is build on top of BKPF,BSEG and EKPO Tables.
Document type  not defined
Message no. F5814
Financial Accounting service: document type "" was not found in the document type table. There are two possible causes:
document type "" has not been set up in FI customizing
document type is supplied incorrectly from the calling application
System Response
System error.
There are two possible measures:
set up document type "" in FI customizing
system error within the calling application - get in contact with the SAP Hotline Service.
Any input on above issue will be of great help.
Anjali Singh


Hi Anjali,
In which system you are getting this error? Development or Production?
I think you have doc. type just in BKPF (Accounting documents headers). Check if you have any record with document type blank.
You can use t code SE16N for this issue. When you are setting filter on field "document type" (BLART) you can see the list of values. Check if there is any blank item

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