Error C+099 in the transaction CO88

The need of my client's ownership of the production orders between periods 03/2010 to 02/2011.
After applying the note 1135678 for the opening of the periods was appropriate orders in transaction CO88 for the month 03/2010, but SAP does not, the error occurs:
Internal error in FORM / FUNCTION CKM3: MATERIAL_LESEN in item 1 with RC 4
No message C +099
Contact management system.
How should I proceed, my client does not accept these orders into appropriate 02/2011.
He wants us to be appropriated in 03/2010.


I regret to tell you that there is definitely no way to settle orders in the period 03/2010 if the current period is 03/2011. There is no path to achieve that.
The well documented and standard way is to close the CO objects immediately after the period shift. It's not proper or supported usage of the SAP system to wait with the settlement of the production for several months.
The supported way of closing production orders is the follwing:
1) Period shift in MM at the beginning of a new month.
2) Necessary backpostings to the previous period in MM.
3) Settlement of CO objects including the production orders in the pevious period.
4) Closing of Material Ledger in the previous period
5) Closing of the previous period in CO and FI in the first weeks of the new month.
This procedure is well documented and has to be followed by design.
It is also not possible to set back the MM period. Not only the MM and ML data would be completely inconsistent, also the wrong updates in CO and FI would lead to irrecoverable inconsistencies.
Note 1135678 enables settlement in previous period. That means if your current period is 03/2011 you can post to period 02/2011.