Error 69 tried everything, please help

Ok, I've never had problems with iTunes in the past. I purchased Sex and the City seasons 1-3 and have them on my iPod without any problems. I purchased seasons 4 & 5 and now can't get them on my ipod without that error message. I played the episodes in iTunes and they play just fine.
I even restored my iPod and had everything put back on there. Now not all my SATC is on there (the seasons w/o a problem) plus some of my music videos aren't on there, but the weird thing is when my ipod is plugged in it says there's 9.17 GB of video used, before I restored it it had 4.15 and had more video on it(the remainder of SATC and the missing music videos). I'm beyond frustrated right now. I bought this DIRECTLY from Apple... so why the problem? I've done every trouble shooting step. I want my friggn' shows!
Please help


I would try plugging the laptop directly into your cable modem, thus by-passing the router, and check your connection speed.  Next, connect the router to the cable modem and plug the laptop directly into the router by cable. Compare your connection speeds.  If both work fine by cable, then I think your wifi on the home router isn't broadcasting/working.  You say the wifi connects at work/public, which leads me to believe it is not your laptop wifi card.  What is your wifi signal strength from your home network? work? public?