EPM 2013 Report is displayed as cut off and shows less than half the width of the report in IE 10 and IE 9.

EPM 2013 Report is displayed as cut off and shows less than half the width of the report in IE 10 and IE 9.  This issue occurs for some users only.I tried the same url in google chrome and is working fine.
Can you please help.
Please find the attached screenshot.


Hi BJ1986,
According to your description, I think this issue is caused by the IE browser that runs the report. To trouble shoot this issue, I suggest that we can try to clear internet temporary files, cookies and others in IE browser. And also add this site
as a trusted site in IE browser to check this issue again.
If this issue is still existed, it can also be occurred due to the setting or third party add-ons of Internet Explorer (IE). In this scenario, you can try to run IE in compatibility mode to check the issue again. Or I suggest that you can refer to the
steps below to troubleshoot the issue:
Click Tools -> Internet options.
Switch to the Security tab, click Local intranet, and then select Default level.
Switch to the Advanced tab, and click Restore advanced settings.
Temporarily disable third party add-ons. For detailed steps, please see the link below: 
Hope this helps.
Katherine Xiong
Katherine Xiong
TechNet Community Support

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