EP6 on WAS 6.40 SP9 - ssl service does not start

Try to start the service SSL provider within Visual Administrator (dispatcher->services->ssl provider) - but this error occurrs:
java.rmi.RemoteException: Could not start service ssl on cluster ID 9788500; nested exception is:
     com.sap.engine.frame.ServiceException: <--Localization failed: ResourceBundle='com.sap.engine.frame.KernelResourceBundle', ID='Service ssl error. Nested exception is: com.sap.engine.frame.ServiceException: Full IAIK JCE library not found
     at com.sap.engine.services.ssl.dispatcher.DispatcherService.start(DispatcherService.java:67)
     at com.sap.engine.core.service630.container.ServiceRunner.startCommunicationServiceFrame(ServiceRunner.java:214)
     at com.sap.engine.core.service630.container.ServiceRunner.run(ServiceRunner.java:156)
     at com.sap.engine.frame.core.thread.Task.run(Task.java:60)
     at com.sap.engine.core.thread.impl6.SingleThread.execute(SingleThread.java:72)
     at com.sap.engine.core.thread.impl6.SingleThread.run(SingleThread.java:142)
Needless to say that the IAIK library was deployed with the installation.
Do you have any hints?
Kind Regards


Use SDM to deploy the Crypto toolkit.
I note though you have issues with the JCE. If you have upgraded your JDK then the JCE got lost. You need to re-deploy that - by unzipping it in the lib directory of your JDK.
Of course the same happens if you never installed the SUN JCE to begin with.