Encore asking for serial number

I got Adobe CC and then instal Encore CS6, by installing Premiere CS6 also.
But now, when I open Encore CS6 is asking by the Serial Number and it won't open.
So... Encore CS6 comes or not with CC??!!


Stan, that is exactly what I am saying. The link works, but the task of Un-installing and reinstalling is redundant and very time consuming; usually yealiding a fix for a day, only having to be done again and again.
I think the argument here is that a large portion of Adobe clients still produce work for physical media. Everyone I know who uses Adobe CC or the old CS express the same frustration as I do about abandoning Encore and physical media creation.
Adobe killing Encore doesn't make sense to me because physical media is still a viable commodity. Bestbuy, Target, Wal-Mart all have about an acre of floor space dedicated to DVDs, Blu-ray, CD's and even Vinyl. Amazon still offers conventional physical media in the aforementioned formats for music, movies, and videogames. Physical media is not dead. I see the trend, I say in about 10 years physical media will be nostolgic but right now it's still in demand and profitable.
Most of my business are 18-35 year old brides that not only demand DVD and Bluray copies of their weddings but expect; it with out question. Even a large portion of my corporate clients want the end product on a physical medium such as DVD or Blu-ray. Hollywood produces hundred million dollar productions and still print to physical media such as DVD and Blu-ray.
I enjoy my adobe CC I am a fan of the subscritpion service, it's improved the quality while lowering the cost of what I do, but I am also becoming frustrated with a few product decisions Adobe has made recently: Dropping Encore, and not servicing the issues with Premiere Pro Effects not playing nice with AMD video cards.