Embedded SWF in CR - is Java Viewer supported?

We are attempting to embed a XC SWF in a Crystal Report that is essentially a group of buttons that will allow the user to export filtered data from the report to another system for use by that system u2013 basically integrating discovery from the BI app with another app that will be used to act upon the data.
It seems to be working fairly well so far in the DHTML viewer but when we open the Crystal Report in the Java viewer, the SWF is not visible/functional - just a grey bar. Is the java viewer not supported when it comes to embedding XC SWFs? We are currently on BOXI3, SP 1 and FP 1.7... I found some older notes indicating that this was the case a couple years ago, but has that changed? Thanks!


Hi Don,
When I view the CR via the CR2008 preview tab, everything is fine.  I am trying to view the report via infoview with the default viewer set to the java viewer as you guessed.  If I view with the DHTML viewer, it also is fine but we need to use the java viewer here because of some other issues that we have with the DHTML viewer (which supposedly are fixed with later SPs).
Here is what I found via another post / white paper that is a little dated:
Viewing Flash objects embedded in a Crystal Report is supported in the:
u2022 Crystal Reports 2008 Preview tab
u2022 Crystal Reports 2008 .NET Webform viewer
u2022 Crystal Reports 2008 Java DHTML viewer (used in BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.0 and other products)
Exporting and printing of Flash objects with connections to Crystal Reports data is not supported.
Embedded Flash objects that do not have connections to Crystal Reports data can be exported to PDF only.
Data is passed to the Flash object using Crystal Reports string data types. The maximum length of a Crystal Reports string data type is 64K. For this reason, we recommend summarizing the data within Crystal Reports, then passing the summarized data to the Xcelsius model.
This would seem to indicate that the java viewer is not supported, but I am wondering if that is actually true and if it was true, has that changed?