E71 FW 4.021.13- MFE 2.9.176

I upgraded to the latest E71 Firmware 4.021.13 last night. As per the release information, it states that MFE is upgraded to  2.9.176. however, after the update my MFE is still the previous version- 2.9.158.
What is wrong?
Some help would be great.


this is my problem since nokia messaging was released... i has never worked for me for the send by email or send email shortcuts... the same message... there is no default mailbox... i hate this... i also updated to the last fw this night and la latest nokia messaging (not the one offerd by the phone's wizard but the one taken from email.nokia.com) and still the same problem... the good part is that if I hit NO when making a new email account it just sets up the built-in client wich at least dows what it is supposed to do... integrate with the OS... this way I have now Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail set up and working fine... I would br very happy with this built-in client BUT Hotmail uses POP3 (the other 2 use IMAP)... and another thing... i would like to use Nokia Messaging because, at least for Hotmail, it syncs the sent messages also... the others I didn't check....
so... NOKIA... DO SOMETHING... it is YOUR phone and YOUR software... but they DO NOT MATCH!