DVD Studio Pro is being really buggy, help needed.

The main menu has been authored with the tracks included but the other day i ran into a problem. On the "writing lead-out" it just got stuck. Nothing occured for hours and the dvd burner kept making this weird noise. I was forced to force quit the program and retry. The second time it worked perfect. The thing is when the master DVD pops out it doesnt seem to want to play on certain DVD players. It is almost as if it is just encoded to a degree where cheap dvd players will not read the dvd. Is there a solution to this problem? Thank you in advance.


I believe the problem is just that, top deck players. We do encode using compressor. I authored it again but a lot differently. Sure to not use the same footage in the dropzone as in track 1. I feel if you drop too many of the same things while authoring that are included in Tracks that it some how gets confused at times. As for Toast i believe we will be getting that, just so we can burn at a much slower speed. I just did some tweaks and it is working fine once again. I found a compatability list of top deck players that helps alot. I thank you all for your time and help. Even little things you have said have helped set my mind in a new direction. I really appreciate your help.Here is the link i found for compatability with DVD-R's http://www.customflix.com/Customer/Compatibility.jsp