Drivers for HP Pavilion model no: p6-2302eam.

I have a new HP Pavilion (model no: p6-2302eam.) Cannot for the life of me find the list of drivers for this PC via HP uk website. I have searched the via the product number (C3T77EA#ABU) and above model number ot no avail.
Closest I can find is HP Pavilion p6-2310ea Desktop PC ›  Is this the same? 


No support page update for the p6-2303ea/eam yet. Did go live on the HP Part Surfer... C3T77EA / HP PAVILION P6-2302EAM BNDL PC UK and the motherboard is a HP customized Foxconn H-Joshua-H61-uATX (Joshua).
Chipset is Intel H61
Integrated Graphics Chip is Intel
Integrated RTL8171FH-CG LAN is Realtek
Integrated 92HD73E Audio is IDT
USB 3.0 may be Texas Instruments
You may be able to use the HP s5-1224 Windows 7 Drivers on your computer as it uses the same Joshua-H61 motherboard as your computer.
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