Dpi / ppi distiller

I have a postscriptfile from InDesign that I want to make into a PDF by opening it in distiller. It contains highresolution photos, vectors and text. Usually I export to PDFs with 300 ppi. Different sources claim that the plotter can plot the accuracy of respectively 200, 300 or, maximum, 600 ppi
My question is; wath dpi(not ppi) should I choose in distillers adope pdf settings?
300? 2400? neither of those?
I have tried to look dpi/ppi up myself, but the information is so contradicting.
I hope someone can help me!


Probably not Distiller Server. If not, I recommend the Acrobat Windows
forum (it's Acrobat Distiller, and comes with Acrobat). There are
several places where dpi/ppi is mentioned in the Distiller settings,
so when you post be sure to say which one you mean.
Aandi Inston

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