Downloading fonts for .pdf file

In order to fill out a .pdf form which has descriptions in both Chinese and English I was directed to download the Asian fonts package and open the .msi file.  When I do, I get the message that the installation package could not be opened. "Contact vendor to verify that it is a valid Windows Installer Package."  I am running Windows 7 on a PC.  Since I'm not keyboarding any Chinese characters, I don't think I really need the package anyway, but I can't get past that point.


I tried to open the file – that’s when I got the message about the Windows installer.

PDF download worked in FFox3 but not in 4. Do I have to wait for a new plug in for PDF files?

I was downloading monthly statements from mutual fund firms. Firefox 4.0 worked fine with the T Rowe Price web site (they must not do anything tricky), but does not work with Fidelity. Firefox doesn't seem to recognize that what Fidelity is offering

Pdf on Windows 8;How do I get adobe to be the default app for pdf files.

I installed pdf reader on my windows 8 laptop, but windows only opens with its "TWINUI". In its "other" option acrobat reader doesn't appear. It also doesn't appear on the windows desktop. How do I get adobe to be the default app for p

Color Display for PDF Files Creative Cloud in Browser View

I have noticed that there is a great difference in color display between a PDF and .ai/eps files. When viewed in the browser there seems to be no ICC taking affect for PDF files even though options to include the profiles, etc in output were selected

Secruity settings for pdf file

I have many pdf files on my intranet and/or internet site.  We secure the files so they cannot be modified, but we allow printing and downloading.  Our site search engine cannot index these files and therefore they do not show when someone tries to s

Asking for Default App for .pdf Files

My mini under Snow Leopard 10.6.2 is fine. But why am I constantly being asked on my 17" MBP under Snow Leopard for "What applications would you like to use?" to open .pdf files? I am given a finder-like window to choose an app .... Clint B

Problem in downloading smartform as pdf file...

Hi SDNs., while downloading the invoice layout as .PDF file.. i am getting following error... <b>OTF end command // missing in OTF data</b> and the file is downloading as empty size... ( xyz.pdf with 0kb ) It is working fine in sandbox... i am

When downloading a large PDF file, firefox stops after some of file and hangs up. Only way out is to close browser or power down. Internet explorer will complete download of same PDF file.

For example, go to and try to download 1040 instructions as a PDF file. Firefox hangs up after part of the file is downloaded, but will not complete the download. The only way out is to close the browser (Firefox). Sometimes the only way out

I've tried all the advice on the Firefox Help site, but I still can't download anything. Yesterday, I was able to download and open PDF files fine. Today... no.

While I was working on my Mac last night, I got a message that I needed to download an Adobe (I think an Acrobat X Pro) update. I did. That seems to be the time when I started having problems. Now I can't use the uninstaller for the program. I think

How to control text for PDF Files in the BI7.0 Broadcaster

Hi , I am running a web template in the BI7.0 Broadcaster. The output prints in the PDF format. In the precalculation tab I have set up 4 variables(VAR1,VAR2 .. etc) . The main folder where these PDF files get stored I can control the text but dont k

Why does Firefox download EVERYTHING, even stuff I don't ask it to download, like EVERY pdf file I land on???

The so-called download helper is downloading every pdf file I happen to land on. I don't want to download everything on every web page I visit! I tried to find how to make it manual, but can't find it in options or anywhere. == This happened == Every

Search for PDF file content

I am currently receiving hundreds of pdf attachments daily basis and am storing these pdf files in a file system. I am looking for a solution that will allow me to use full text search on these  these files. Can someone help me out. Thanks SamI am ta

Password Protection for pdf file

Hi Gurus,   Wish u happy new year    Is there any possibility for giving the password for the pdf file from SAP so that it should be password enabled. Now am able to send the pdf file  attachment through mail. But my requirement is I have to give the

PDF as a container for PDF files

I have seen some PDF files that appear to be acting as a container for other PDF files. For example, the PDF Reference and Related Documentation ("pdf_reference.pdf") contains "pdf_reference.pdf", "pdf_reference_addendum_redaction

Downloading or Syncing PDF files

Is this possible either from my PC or the web ? Also, I sent an email from my pc to myself with a *.pdf file and it was received on the iPad as a *.dat file. ANy ideas as to why?I use GoodReader also. If you're on a wireless network GoodReader has a

UFT Object recognition for PDF File

Hi, We are using UFT in Willis and we want a solution to recognize objects in PDF file.  We have various policies and documents whose final output gets generated in PDF and we need to verify those with the help of UFT. In Adobe objects cant be recogn

How do I Make Acrobat the default for PDF Files

I have been using Acrobat 6 in my Mac for quite a few years.  And I would like to have Acrobat open automatically when I open a PDF file but Adobe Reader opens. How do I make Acrobat the default program when opening a PDF file?See this topic: http://

Iframe is not working for pdf files in iPad safari

Hi, Pdf file is not displaying properly in iPad safari. I have faced below issue while using iframe Not displaying in full width and height Not able scroll other pages in pdf Thanks, ArunHi Viraj, You need to upload an image "pdf.gif" in \etc\pu

ICloud support for .pdf file format

Help mentions iCloud supports .pdf file formats, but then does not show anything about how to get one of these files onto iCloud.  Since the pdf files I have were never created by one of the supported Application how does one place or retrieve a pdf

Making Preview the Default App for .pdf Files

When I click on a .pdf file (such as one attached to an e-mail) it now opens in Acrobat Reader; it formerly opened in Preview (which I preferred). I don't recall making any changes and wondered if the "Preview as default" was changed in the rece