Does the RE1000 create a second wifi network w seperate SSID?

I just bought the Netgear and I don't like it because it creates a second wifi network with a second SSID. I just want to be on the same network and not have to associate all my devices with a second network.
Does the RE1000 create a second SSID network?


By default each wireless device has their own network name. You need to make sure that the RE1000 will have the same wireless settings as your Netgear router that way you will be able to extend the range of your network.

Is it possible to create a second Guest network on a Time Capsule?

I have found a few similar posts but they are pretty old and not exactly what i want. In the Time Capsule there is an option for a Guest network. Would it be possible to create a second guest network with the same time capsule? So that it would have

How to use Airport Extreme to create a second wireless network with different IP addresses behind an existing modem/router?

Hi, I have an existing modem/router from my ISP that does DHCP and NAT with base IP distributed in the wireless network. I use this wireless network for our private devices. I could turn off the DHCP server in this first router, but there

My ipad 4 does not connect with my home wifi network

my ipad 4 does not connect with my home wifi networkTry this: 1. Turn router off for 30 seconds and on again 2. Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network SettingsRead other 2 answers

Time Capsule does not appear in iPhone 4 wifi network setting

I just set up Time Capsule on my IMac.  I was able to connect to the wifi network but do not see the TC on my phone's wifi network settings. I have the Airport Utility app and I do not see my phone on the any of the Airport utility maps on the Mac or

What files does the slideshow create in Windows

I have just received a 60GB video ipod and am doing some homework before I go and start to load content. I am running Windows XP and have gone out and bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 to manage my pictures. Is this the only Win PC software that can

All of the sudden can't join wifi networks

All of the sudden this morning I can't join any wifi networks, it always gives me the "Unable to Join the network "network name" error message. I tried a soft reset, then did a complete Iphone restore with no luck. Any ideas? thanks, JeffHi

TS1398 My Iphone 5 continues to not save the password to my home wifi network. I have put it in several times but everytime i go out of range from the router, it disconnects and forgets the password.

As it says in the question, i was wondering whether there was an software issue?Problem Solved!!! I thought I had tried everything and then the answer was so simple (Thanks to a Chris on this forum!). Went to 'other' in the list of wifi networks and

Does the ipod touch itself need wifi in order to use find my iphone??

My ipod touch 4g got stolen and i have find my iphone turned on but my question is does the ipod itself need wifi to track it down??  I've tried so many times i played sound, i have a passcode lock on it, i even sent a message to my ipod... But i try

I am using a verizion jetpack to wireless connect to an airport express next i want to connect a Airport extreme wired from toe express to create a second private network that has internet access via the jetpack

Thanks for the help after looking over your sugesstion I did some additional troubleshooting which i should have done in the beginning and heres what i found Airport express is joined to and existing wireless network and i have internet access....all

HT2421 If I attach a hard drive to the USB port, can I access it from the wired network, while simultaneously creating a separate wifi network with NO access to the hard drive?

I already have a wireless network (call it Network A) with connectivity to various wired and wireless devices.  I have a USB hard drive that I directly attach to my MacBook Air.  I use it for Time Machine backups and general storage.  I would like to

HT1695 My iPhone 5 does not go on my home wifi network automatically, what settings do I need or what is the problem?

I thought once I first used my home wifi and entered my security code, it would connect automatically whenever I returned home.Have you reset the phone by holding the home and off button down until the apple symbol comes up? Then if that doesnt work,

Does the iPod Touch Bluetooth require wifi connection?

I have an iPod Touch 3rd generation and plan to upgrade to the 4 this winter but if the Bluetooth does require wifi I'll probably choose the iPhone. The reason I ask is because I want to get these Bluetooth earbuds since I'm sick of the wire. But, if

Why does my mac ask for my password when automatic login is configured,it only happens every so often but when it does the it also shows no wifi installed

my mac is configured for automatic log in,but whenever i do not use it for a day orso it asks for my password to login,at the same time it states that there is no wifi installed ,i have to login and then reboot which is a pain.when checking disk perm

IPhone 4 does not see my home WiFi network anymore.

All of a sudden, a few days ago, my wife's iPhone 4 (initially with iOS 6.0.1, now with iOS 6.1) does not see anymore my home WiFi network (created by a Time Capsule), to which it connected automatically. This has worked flawlessly for years but now

I'd like to create my own private WiFi network from a public WiFi network

I am often in locations where there are open WiFi networks and I'd like to use an Express to create a private WiFi network from the available public one.? If the express can't do it on it's own can I add another router to make it work? I have etherne

Automatic connection to the wifi network

My iPhone connects automatically to my friend's wifi network, but it does not do the same with my own wifi network. Why? What can I do to dolce this problem?When connected to your wifi, go to settings>wifi tap on your LAN and on the next window, tap

Create local wifi network on OS X without internet connection

Hi, is there anyway to create a local wifi network without internet connection to play multiplayer games like call of duty on macbook pro ?Is it safe to assume that you are connecting your MBP to a wireless router already? If you are then all the oth

Macbook on a netgear mr814 Wifi network

Hi I'm the net-admin for a wifi-network based on Netgear Mr814 routers. I have a problem getting a Macbook connected wireless. The Macbook is bought in US and the Mr814 uses channel 13. (Its located in Denmark, Europe). When I change the channel to t

IPod Touch very picky about WiFi networks

It appears that some of you have already noticed that the iPod touch does not play well on some WiFi networks that otherwise should not be a problem. My own personal experience is this. My iPod touch works great on my home network as long as I don't