Does Lion work with an Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Ink Jet Printer?

Does Lion work with an Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Ink Jet Printer?


Took deliverly of my R2000 yesterday 11/04/2012.
**** of a job/mission getting to connect wirelessly to OSX Lion, but thanks to the perseverence of Epson support online chat plus ultimately phone call from Epson,the problem was resolved (total 3hours 45mins online chat 45mins on phone) yes i was a gineapig as the R2000 has only been available since March 2012 here in the UK.
1. Download combo driver/utilities for R2000 Mac 10.6 (works with Lion)
2. Install latest drivers and Epsonet.
3. Connect the printer to your wireless router using a LAN cable.
4. Ensure ink is installed on startup of the printer as the printer wont for some reason communicate without it as all the printer knows is it needs ink.
5. Ensure Mac is also connected to router.
6. Run Epsonet.
7. When Epsonet has found the R2000 click next.
8. Then click Changes on the following screen.
9. Select wireless Lan.
10. Select config manually (the auto will not work with Lion)
11. Allow Epsonet to use passwords from keychain network name(SSID) + WEP password.
12. When done you will be prompted to disconnect the LAN from the printer.
13. Then Click next.
14. Ensure wireless light on printer is lit if not hold WiFi button on printer for 3 Secs.
15. If config is successful (it took me Two attempts) goto system preferences/print/scan/Add printer and add the R2000 that ends in IP.
Hope this helps someone. Epson support is a good enough reason to buy Epson IMO as mentioned with their help it took nearly 4 hours to reach the above solution at no cost to myself and believe you me i was on the verge of returning the printer to the supplier as Wireless printing is a must with a 19 month old child on the loose.
Thanks Epson/Europe