Does anyone else think the 'Creating Content in FCS' forum is Forum Bloat?

I'm interested to see if any of you think that the adding of a new forum one level up from here titled as above will lead to both constant dual-postings and unanswered threads? It seems to me to be nothing more than Forum Bloat. If we allow this, why don't we allow "Hardware Setups for FCS", "Viewing FCS work on video monitor vs LCD monitor" or "Heavy Drinking while Editing - users thoughts?" as forums?
These are threads, not forums! If we need more forums (say, Beginner and Elitist?), then so be it - but let's subdivide the topics via some kind of system rather than some arbitrarily broad topic?


I looked at the new forum, but didn't really 'get it'... I guess it will either prove useful in time, or become redundant and have tumbleweed bouncing around.
Creating Content in FCS? What does that mean exactly?
And in regard to the points thing... well, i'll stick my head on the line here...
The amount of times i've read 'Have you tried using the forum search!?' or 'We get asked this question a thousand times a week... use search.' etc etc etc...
So... off they go and use search... lo and behold, they see a thread title that matches their problem and they investigate... if the person can see a green star next to a certain post they will be assured that that answer will help them.
Sometimes threads go on for pages and pages before a solution is reached... if somebody uses search, finds that thread and starts slogging through all the posts, surely it's just plain helpful to have that green star there... just to say...Hey! this is the answer!. It's like a little flag, waving.
...and if, inadvertantly, some points go to somebody... that's all good in my book. It's just a little nod and a wink to say "Thanks buddy, you helped me out."
I will happily continue to remind people to mark threads 'solved' and to give people a little star... it adds a sense of completion.