Display credit balance with negative balance

Customer forgot to put a check box on above option in company detail. Eventually all the positive(debit) entry for expenses is showing a negative sign eg -1000.00 on the balance figure in Chart of account and vice versa for credit accounts.
Anyone has idea how to resolve this issue without having to rekey in history transactions?


Hi Thomas Lai
there is a way.....but first
SAP would say you MUST re-inport. I agree, if you don't and they find out you played in the database they will not ASSIST you and you would be infringing the agreemnet your company/customer has with SAP.
Solution 1
Now i'll give you a solution after a warning. If you go to table OADM and in the column "DispPosDeb", change the value N to a Y. Your own choice.
Solution 2
If you do it the legal way, you should export and import everything.Use "import/export transactions from SAP" in administration->data Import/Export->Data import or Data export.
Hope this helps