Disable Availability Check Based on Sales Order Type

Hi All SD experts,
Usually ( correct me if i'm wrong ) availability check is set via schedule lines item type. Is there any way that I can disable the availability check based solely on Sales Order Type ? Meaning no matter what item category or schedule lines assigned to materials, availability check will still be disable.
Besides setting in schedule lines type, what are others config that might trigger availability check ? MRP settings ? Movement type ?
Any valuable feedback will be great and much appreciated. A big thank you in advance.
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    In order for the availability check to happen,the following configuration settings are required.
Availability check:
     a) you have to define requirement class & requirement type.
     b) you have to activate at scheduline category level
     c) in deleviry item.cat ,there is availability check off field,,,,, if  u dont mention any values here,then system checks for availability.if u mention 'x' here,then system dont check for availability.
    d) you define checking group and checking rule ,these determine how availability check is going to be performed
   MRP determines how material is planned,whether it is inhouse production or external procurement.MRP also determines the time taken for the material to become available for ready use.When ever an order is rised,the requirement is passed to MRP through  transfer of requirements(TOR), here MRP determines the inhouse production time or external procurement time.
Movement Type: Movement type determines the type of material movement ,whether it is Goods Issue ,,, or ,, Goods Recipt,,,,, stock transfer between two plants etc.Movement type is determined in schedule line category level.
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