Directory Editor

Our firm is planning to use Sun Java Directory Server as the LDAP server. We are pretty confused about the GUI. We were reviewing Directory Editor as the GUI for the directory server, but found out, that its last release was in 2005. Moreover we went through its documentation, but it was not very clear how to customize it according to our needs. Also proper instructions are not given on how to use the web components(JavaScript, applets, etc. ). Is there any guide other than the one provided by Sun, available for the Directory Editor?
Also can anyone suggest any other GUI tool for the Directory Server, which is available in the market?


Deployment is not an issue, we have infact deployed it on 2-3 machines...but we are not able to customize it according to our needs. The instructions on using the HTML components given in the document is insufficient.
Yes I need a web based application...
okk...thx but can you provide me with a list of customisable applications? Maybe we can manage with an application.