Different error when starting Lite Server

I have managed to get Oracle Lite 10g_2 installed...
However, when I try to start it, I get a message:
Mobile Server ID not found, Failed to register.
I am using Oracle Express Edition for the repository, on the same machine.
Parameters are localhost, 1521, XE when I installed.
Can anybody give me a hint of how to fix this?
Also, I can't seem to log in.
I use the default user name Administrator/Admin and I get:
WTG-10143: You do not have Administrator privileges to logon to the System
Note, this is my first experience with Oracle so I apologize if
the question is silly.
Thank you.


I will have to install XE on my own system and test it out. Here is the recommended solution for configurations with Oracle.
Check to see if the schema MOBILEADMIN was created. If so, check the mobileserver_instances table for information about mobileserver.
The problem is that when using the MOBILE SERVER in order to oracle lite
by doing the following :
- Install Mobile server inside OAS
- Start it.
it fails with the following error :
: Mobile Server ID not found, Failed to register.
- This happens with those versions :
mobile Server 10G R2
The Mobile server Repository (schema mobileadmin was not created properly)
The table mobileadmin.mobileserver_instances does not have any information about the mobileserver.
To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:
1.Stop OAS
2. drop the mobileadmin schema using:
drop user mobileadmin cascade;
3. Recreate the repository using: c:\ORACLE_HOME\mobile\server\admin\repwizard.bat
(check that there are not any special Error into the repository.log)
4. restart OAS