Difference in Lisences on Cisco PI 1.2

can someone explain the difference between Lisence types on Cisco Prime Infra 1.2 as below
Base Lisence
Lifecycle management Lisence
compliance management lisence
Automated deployment Gateway
Assurance Management Lisence.
Thank you


Assurance License: Provides access to the Assurance  feature set, which provides end-to-end network visibility of application  and service performance to help ensure end-user quality of experience.  The Assurance feature set also provides the ability to manage and  aggregate data and views across multiple Cisco Prime Network Analysis  Modules (NAMs). The Assurance license is based on the number of managed  NetFlow-enabled interfaces. Assurance licenses are available in bundle  sizes of 15, 50, 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 NetFlow-enabled interfaces.  The 15 interface license has a restriction that allows you to manage  only up to 5 NAMs, whereas the other Assurance license bundles do not  place a restriction on the number of NAMs that you can manage. The 15  interface license can only be used standalone and not combined with the  Lifecycle licenses. You need to purchase a 50 interface Assurance  license or larger to use with other Cisco Prime Infrastructure feature  licenses.
Automated Deployment Gateway License:  Provides the entitlement to deploy a separate gateway for use with the  Automated Deployment feature, where new devices can call in to the  gateway to receive their configuration and software image. The Automated  Deployment Gateway license is based on the number of gateway instances  you deploy. In the current release only a single gateway can be deployed  per Cisco Prime Infrastructure instance.