Difference Between iPad and iPhone Apps

hello all,
Yet recently the new idevice was launched, However, prior to the launch of the ipad, the information that i had (which requires your updates) that iphone apps can too run on ipad too. As the ipad app store was launched later than the hardware.
So, my question is, if i am planning to buy the ipad (which has been launched in india yesterday), will my iphone apps would run on the ipad, especially the games ?


Almost everything that runs on the iPhone will run on the iPad. But in a small window that matches the number of pixels of a 3GS iPhone. You can double the pixels to get it to fit the screen, but some people don't like the pixelaton this causes.
The only things that won't run are things like telephony or photo apps that require use of hardware not present on the current iPad.

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how do I verify my apple id? I can't sign in to it in mail and I can't make a new one because it just will not process I'm trying to set up iCloud between iPad and iPhone and having ALOT of difficulty pleAse help need it done by later on today!!!!!In

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New iPhone 5s. Can I get my apps from my iPad?thanksYes, as long as they are not iPad only, & you use the same iTunes/App store account on both devices.Read other 2 answers

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I have installed pages on both devices and signed in with icloud following all of apples instructions. I have checked that icloud is set up in the pages settings, however each device just keeps its own documents on them and they don't transfer over.