Diff between CO11N & CO15?

I am new to discrete manufacturing scenario......Can anyone tell me what is the difference between T Codes CO11N and CO15? As such both are used for confirmations.....
Moreover what does this "time ticket" means?


If u want do confirmation at order header level use co15.
Here system confirms all the operation that have a control key allowed confiramtion.
For operation wise confiramtion  use Co11n. Here u have the option to enter various Activity time personal datas.

Diff between the Start routine and Update rules?

Hi Gurus Diff between the Start routine and Update rules? Thanks in advance RajHi, Routines are like conditions or business rules that could be applied to filter the data while entering the BW system or could be used to apply certain conditions on th

Diff between Planned Cost - Target Cost

Hi all of you, Could you please explain me the difference between Planned Cost and Target Cost. Why do we go for the settlement of Variance (Diff between Actual cost and Target Cost). Please give me your valuable suggestions regarding. Thanks & Regar

Diff between so_obiect_send & SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1

can any one explain the diff between these two fuction modules used for sending the mail from sap  to external mail so_obiect_send & SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1Hi, read the follow . you have to specify ADR_TYPE parameter of RECEIVERS table parameter <b&g

Diff between

diff between text module,std text and text elementhi Default paragraph Paragraph set to * in standard text maintenance If no form has been assigned to a text, the system automatically assigns the form SYSTEM, which contains minimal definitions for te


Gud morning Gurus Can anyone tell me what is the exact difference between Absolute & Percentange tolerance limits in invoices that we set in customizing. it wud be better if any example is given. ThanksI WENT THRU THE URL SUGGESTED BY YOU. BUT I WANT

Diff between ides and original package

can any one tell me what are main diff between ides and original package thanks with regards, phaniHI.,               IDES saytem is like a play ground in which we do all the transcations,But in Real time systme we dont have as many reference clients

Diff between R/3 Internet sales and CRM  Internet sales

Hi every body! Could any body tell the basic Diff between R/3 Internet sales and CRM  Internet sales. Thank you, mark..Hi Markiv Just to round that off, the ERP version lacks: - Rule based ATP (with APO) - Customer specific product numbers - Web base

Diff between 4.7e and ecc 6.0

hi abapers ! can any tell me the diff, between 4.7e and ecc 6.0 ? cheers. rajesh.Hi. First of all I would like to ask you to have a look into our rules of engagement. One of the really important rules for our forums is that you should try to solve yo

Diff between models

what is the diff between model 23-f217c and model 23-f270 hp pavilionPlease see HP Pavilion TouchSmart 23-f217c All-in-One Desktop and HP Pavilion TouchSmart 23-f270 All-in-One Desktop for the differences. Motherboard: AAHD3-AT (Ackee2-U) vs. IPIVB-A

Hi gurus what is the diff between free & refresh

hi gurus what is the diff between free & refreshHii!   FREE f. Effect FREE f has the same effect as CLEAR f , namely that a Data object f is reset to the initial value corresponding to its type. Unlike CLEAR, FREE also releases any resources taken up

Diff between 4.6c to 4.7 abap

diff between 4.6c to 4.7 abapHi the differences are with respect to customer master and the CIN In 4.6 cc the partner function tab is not there in the customer master that is in the customer maste there is no display of the prtner functions in the cu

What the diff between Order Acquisition  with Order management?

Hi, What's the diff between them in SAP, thanks!Hi, I think Order Acquisition use in module Material management. And Order management use in Sales and Distribution. Regards,Read other 3 answers

What is the exact diff between  At New  and On Chnage

hello all what is the exact diff between  At New  and On Chnage in control breaks statements. and when  shall we go for At new & when shall we go for On change on events. Plz tell with with some code.Hi , Using at new Each time the value of c changes

Diff between Item Amount Check and Stochastic Block

Hi, what's the diff between Item Amount Check and Stochastic Block in LIV??Item Amount Check The system calculates the sum of the value invoiced so far for the order item and the value of the current invoice and compares it with the value limit of th

The diff between the two 8 core 3Ghz mac pros?

I am in the market for a mac pro. I will spend the money for an 8 core 3ghz cpu. I am a "do it your self" kind of guy. I am not afraid to do some installations myself (drives, Ram, GFX card, optic drive,) I mainly use CS3, cinema 3D and FCP, On

Diff Between Dashboard 4.0 and 4.1

Hi I just download SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2013 trial Version But I want to know what is the diff between Dashboard 4.0 and 4.1 My Old Version is, Build 14,0,4,738 And New One is Dashboard 4.1 SP1, Version Can any one helpHi,

Diff between issession and issystem

All, Wanted to understand ..When we need to restart he DB servers in case if we change some parameters ...? What is the diff between issession and issystem modifiable clauses ...? ThanksGot the answerRead other 2 answers

Diff. between R/3 CIC and CRM CIC

Hi, What is the diff. between R/3 CIC and CRM CIC? ThanksHi Devi, In CRM, SAP providing Marketing activities, Services and sales Activities. We can call ECC transactions by using Transaction Launcher. We use scripts in CRM (Interactive and Remainder)

Diff between CLASSPATH and weblogic.class.path in t3config

Hi,           My servlets which would run happily in WLS4.0.2 on NT do not run anymore           in WLS4.5.           In order to help me troubleshoot this problem will someone please           explain me the difference between the path mentioned aga