Depreciation areas in ANLP

Hi All,
In the table, ANLP, I can not see some specified depreciation areas and their values even though I see the data for all specified depreciation areas in AS03.
For example, 40 and 60 depreciation areas are specified in OABN. However, in table ANLP, I just obtain results for depreciation area 60 and I can not see the depreciation area 40. For this problem, how can I get the data for depreciation area 40 and depreciation area itself in ANLP?
In general, how can I see all specified depreciation areas and see data for those depreciation areas in ANLP?
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Thank you Nathan!
I have changed the posting status for depreciation area 40 but I still can not see it in ANLP. At that point even though some depreciation areas has posting status 0 (means no posting), they have data in ANLP. For example, depreciation area 25 and 40 have posting status 0 but I can see data for depreciation area 25 in ANLP but I cannot see for 40. How can I obtain data for depreciation area 40 in ANLP? What else can I do to obtain?
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