"**Deleting the CMOS RAM after flashing**"

I am thinking about flashing the BIOS on my MSI 875P motherboard from v1.4 to latest v1.7 and I just read a few posts regarding flashing:
Quote:  Have you deleted the CMOS RAM after flashing? Most people forget to do this after flashing to a new BIOS version.  Unquote.
Does the quote; "deleting the CMOS RAM after flashing", refer to "clearing the CMOS" by removing the jumper from JBAT1 (Clear CMOS motherboard jumper) to short pins 2-3 while the system is off, or is there another way to "delete the CMOS RAM" after flashing?


If your system is known to boot under BIOS default voltages and settings, then alternatively, you can just go to BIOS setup immediately after a successful flash, then select Load BIOS Setup Defaults.
If a problem occurs, then that's the time you head for the JBAT/ CMOS CLR jumper.