Deleting local user profile on RDS without reboot

I need to delete the local profile for a user on our RDS server, because of a problem with this user.
Since the user was using RDS a few days ago, and RDS wasn’t rebooted since, I can’t delete the local profile. When I go to advanced system settings—user
profiles. The ‘delete’ option is greyed out.
I know that I can reboot the server then will be able to delete it, but since this server is serving many users, it means they all have to stop using it.
Is there a way to delete this user’s profile without rebooting the server?
I use sever 2008 R2.


A local user profile is created the first time a user logs on to a computer. The profile is stored on the computer's local hard disk. Changes made to the local user
profile are specific to the user and to the computer on which the changes are made.
Windows security requires a user profile for each user account on a computer. The system automatically creates a local user profile for each user when the user logs
on to the computer for the first time. The system automatically maintains the settings for each user's work environment in a user profile on the local computer.
Windows Vista and later: User profiles are managed through the
User Accounts control (UAC) panel item.
You can open the
Control Panel and click User Accounts, then click the Change User Account Control setting, dropped to the lowest turn off UAC. Press OK.
Then you can use administrator account try again to see whether you can delete the local user profile or not.
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