Delays with activation

I recently moved house at the start of November and called BT to discuss transferring all services to our new address, we were told it would take 2-3 weeks to sort.
However, when I called back a day or so later to confirm dates and arrange we were told that BT could not provide any services until the end of January and full services were unlikely for at least another 10 days, until February 2013.
Although I complained we were told the Olympics had caused the delay(!) and that if I tried to end our contract - even though rival service Virgin, could provide telephone line, broadband and TV within 2-3 weeks - I was told that cancelling would cost nearly £400, so BT have us over a barrel. 
Firstly, BT cannot provide us with the vital services we need, which both myself and my partner work regularly from home, and yet they will also charge an extortionist fee to cancel their services.
And secondly, although we were assured no money would be taken from our account until services could be established, we then received a bill dated 13 Nov of £36.60
I called up BT, and having had my phone call terminated or cut off 3 times I finally had to use your online service to speak to customer services member of staff who arranged for a manager to call me. on 22/11 I had a phone call with your BT representative who assured me no charges would be passed and that the bill would be cancelled and a note made on my file.
Therefore I was most angered to then find BT had claimed the said £36.60 from my account and taken my account overdrawn incurring bank charges on 27 November.
Although I wrote in and used the online form to register my complaint I had no reply from BT whatsoever, only a rambling phone call from someone who just mumbled something about I needed to contact my bank to get the money back, but no advice on compensation or what was happening with my order. Then I had further demands for more money/payment by letter but again no reply to my letter.
Next I had a text message to say my Direct Debit had been cancelled without my authority and that I would incure payment changes.
Calling BT up yet again I got through to a call centre in Belfast and the member of staff there told me I had been given the wrong information and that I needed to continuing paying the monthly bills and that somehow the accounting computer would re-calculate my bill once services resumed after January 2013.
In frustration I made payment again and re-setup my direct debit, but I am still furious that I have not had a proper and detailed reply to my letter above and have been given conflicting information and had to spend time and money calling up BT from my mobile.
I had a missed call from a female representative from BT called Ray(? no surname or contact number given) in BT Belfast in reply to my 2nd letter around the 22nd Janbefore an installation visit on the 24th Jan. She advised she would monitor the situation and call back to see how things went - as of posting I never got another call back or letter.
Since then the following occured - 
Installation engineers visited 24 Jan Took 3.5 hours
Had to drill & fix new box/point even though bt point already here.
Left drill dust over floor & cables and damaged outside of property.
Having tried to set up out TV services again, now the VT Vision box says freeview signal too low - however when we first asked about this at point of transferring services the bt representative assured us that the signal was strong enough. We could not break our contract without incurring a heavy fee - so had to endure 3 month wait for this! Only slow broadband working! 
We lost all our recordings on the hard drive as the box displayed a message saying they belonged to someone else & we could not view - we had a number of shows and films we wished to see and had been told they could been viewed when we reconnected the box - another inconvenience.
The day after the engineers visited I was then texted twice to say BT were sorry I had missed my appointment and to rebook. What is going on? Someone turned up claiming to be Bt and we are certainly not paying any cancellation fee.
Also, when we had a tv ariel engineer install a new external ariel he warned that he had dealt with many customers in the area who bt had told they could get bt vision but then found that there was no service.
On inspecting the installation on the outside of the building we are also very annoyed by the damage to our external wall where the bt cabling was put in. Chunks of our wall have been removed, whereas our recent ariel installation on the same wall just below was done discreetly and with minimal damage to the wall - whereas the bt installation will require additional costs of unexpected repair and repainting.
All in all the continuing poor service from bt is shocking.
We have been tied to key products which bt cannot deliver as advised and are therefore surely BT is in breach of contract?
We really feel very angry by our treatment and the whole situation, the vast time wasted in phone calls to various staff who provided conflicting, wrong and inaccurate information. 
The phone bills we have run up on our mobiles calling bt - partly as we had no landline for 3 months and counting.
Plus, there is all the time wasted staying home from work to allow access to BT and time spent calling and writing to little affect.
Having not received a call after the installation as advised I called BT yet again - on my mobile. I spoke to a representative on Mon 28 at around 9.50am & advised we had no phone, vision just broadband. 
I queried if the workman should have tied up after themselves and also why I was being sent messages saying I had missed my appointment when the engineers were here for 3.5 hrs.
A female representative said my call had been added to a queue and she would email the other female member of staff who had called me after my 2nd letter of complaint. She said this person (Ray in Belfast?) wound call me back but she could not connect me, provide contact details or advise when I would be called back.
As of Tuesday 29 January, I still have no telephone, bt vision or call back from bt or anyone taking ownership of dealing with this issue with any urgency.
We now have damage to our property outside that requires attention - will BT come out and inspect and cover repair?
We are being forced to pay for services we can't get and BT won't rake action to resolve.
We require with immediate affect due resolution to this matter and a named person we can contact and for bT to sort their mess out. And when you call and leave messages please provide a direct number and full name to call back on and not the general 0800 numbers as we go round in circles.
On Tuesday 29 Jan - made various call to bt to try to get some kind of resolution - was passed round and round in circles as no one know how to deal with this issue or resolve or take ownership, was also cut off on 3 occasions and had to start the whole process again. Was on mobile from 10am to 12.30pm - more expensive calls for us.
Tried to contact BT via its head office but switchboard operator was rude and cut me off, and refused to put me through to Customer Complaints Dept in Belfast.
Was put through to staff in India, they said the order had not done properly according to the system and another appointment needed. Then told someone can come out 20 February to fix the phoneline!!! This is a complete joke!!!!!!!!!
Spent another 45 minutes on the phone to India before I was cut off again. No call back again.
Please can a case manager call and discuss this with us urgently? We cannot reach anybody to resolve the matter. We are now extremely angry.


If you would like to contact one of the UK based BT Care Team who moderate this forum, they should be able to help you.
They can be contacted using this link BT Care Team
They normally respond by phone or e-mail, within three working days, however you should get an immediate confirmation, with a tracking number.
There are some useful help pages here, for BT Broadband customers only, on my personal website.
BT Broadband customers - help with broadband, WiFi, networking, e-mail and phones.