Customer Exit for Number of Days from 1 st Apr to last date of Month Enter

Hello BI Experts,
I have a requirement to count the number of days from 1 st April of current year to the last date of month entered.
For example : The use will enter say July 2010 or 003.2010  (as Fiscal Year Variant is V3 ).
Today is 14 July ...So we have to first find out the end date of the July month ie 31 st July
Then go to 1 st April 2010.
Now calculate the Number of days between 1 st April to 31 st July 2010.
I consider I have to create two Customer Exit variable
as below
1 st customer exit Bex variable  say  ZLY_MTH  ( Last day of Month Entered)
  and i_step = 1
2 nd Customer Exit BEx Formula variable say ZF_NUMDAYS ( Number of days between two dates)
i_step =1 .
Please provide me the logic for the above two.
Thanks in Advance.
Amol Kulkarni


2. Get the Month input using VAR_MONTH2 = LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW+4(2)
3. Now calculate Month+1: VAR_MONTH2 = VAR_MONTH2 + 1 (Refer **)
4. Now calculate the Current Year: VAR_YEAR = LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW+0(4).
5. Get the 1st Day of the Month (VAR_MONTH2):  CONCATENATE '01' '/' VAR_MONTH2 '/' VAR_YEAR INTO L_S_RANGE-LOW.
6. SUBRACT 1 (0DATE) from this DATE (This will give the logic for last day of the current month)
Insert this code also for using the date conversions
            INPUT  = VAR_MONTH2
            OUTPUT = VAR_MONTH2.
Pls. check out this logic. Guess it would solve your need.
Arun Bala

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