Custom Size Envelope Printing In Address Book

First off, I'm using an Epson SC 880.
I want to print on 5x7 envelopes. I am able to define the custom size of 5x7, but when I attempt to print, it spits the envelope out unprinted.
I'm wondering if this is a printer driver problem or a bug in Address Book or if something I'm specifying in the custom size is wrong.
Any comments appreciated.


It appears that there is a major bug in this new version of Address Book. First I found that when you go in the "Print" panel, go to "Envelopes", go to "Layout", and then go in Layout to "Layout" submenu and use "Define Custom" which comes up "Layout Name" and when type in any name and click "OK" it UN-SELECTS the "Layout Panel" and you cannot change any of the parameters, BUT I discovered that if after you type in a "Layout Name", click "OK": and then click "Cancel" and then again open "Print". It opens to the same place as before (with everything the same) BUT with the Layout Panel SELECTED and you can now change all the parameters. I don't know about the printer printing blank sheets, because my printer seems to work fine. But I have a HP and you have an Epson. Hopefully those geniuses at Apple will get around to fixing this problem sometime in 2006 or 2007, who knows!!!!!