Crystal Report Viewer & Parameters

I have designed a report n Crystal Reports and works on my machine fine.  When I preview the report it ask me what parameters I want to search for.  When I tried to view this report in Crystal Reports viewer it doesn't ask me.  So I learned that I need Crystal Report Server (using 2013 for both Server and Report Writer) and now I am stuck what I need to do.  I have downloaded a trail version (intent to purchase it works as I need to) of Crystal Server and used it defaults.  I just need some help in direction in what I need to do on Server and Report side to make this report work on the View Side to prompt the user to enter in parameters.  When I saved my report I deselected the Save Data to Report.  I have tried to look for documents in what I need and came up with a road block or not sure what I really looking for.  And I am sorry that I still a newbie for this software.
Thank you,


Try to use the parameter panel to change the parameter value of the report in the Viewer:
Open the report in Crystal Reports Designer.
Edit the parameter.
Change the Show on (Viewer) Panel value to Editable
Republish to Enterprise