Crystal Enterprise 8: WCS/CSP/unmanaged reports

With CE8, I notice there are components like the web connector (linking the web server and the CE), the Web Component Server (WCS), CSP pages (script pages for setting report/viewer parameters). Also, the reports can be 'unmanaged' and users can view them through the components above.
Can anybody tell me if the above are deprecated/not supported in the new Crystal Reports server products? What are the corresponding components in the new version?


Hi John,
Most of the CE8 specific components that you have mentioned have been deprecated. The latest Business Objects Enterprise products do not need a web connector as they use more popular Java/Jsp or ASP/.Net technologies which work directly on the web / application servers they reside on. The Jsp or Asp pages replaced all wcs / csp pages.
Reg unmanaged report support, there are ways to schedule to unmanaged disks but all this is managed through the enterprise platform. The closest to unmanaged links is by usign a function called opendocument (which is a deployable self contained web application) which provides users and applications access to reports through an open url
Hope this answers your questions