Crossdomain.xml issue - Accessing SAP from adobe FLEX

Hi All,
We are in the process of trying to integrate 4 SAP bapis exposed as Web services from adobe flex.
When we do so we are getting a "security error accessing URL"
The URL of our flex application is:
The WSDL of the web service is:
We looked at various forums and we found that adding a crossdomain.xml file to the root directory
(at the destination server) will resolve the issue.
I did implement all those steps on the R/3 side to add a crossdomain.xml to an ABAP WAS.
crossdomain.xml on WAS
however i still get those errors(security error accessing URL).
Below is the code i use to access the SAP web service
id="EqmtDetailWS" showBusyCursor="true" fault="" >
<mx:operation name="EqmtDetail" resultFormat="e4x" result="getEquip_result(event);" fault="getFault(event);">
We are  displaying the SAP info on a map service provided by esri so we included the load operation here.
<-Loading the wsdl->
function onExtentChange(event:ExtentEvent):void {
<Displaying the info from SAP>
private function getEquip_result(event:ResultEvent):void {
equip_desc = event.result.Equitext.Equidescr;
txtAreaEquipDetail.htmlText = txtAreaEquipDetail.htmlText + "Equi. Desc. : " + event.result.Equitext.Equidescr + "\n";
var material:String=event.result.Equimaster.Material;
SAPIDAliasEquipDesc =event.result.Equitext.Equidescr;
txtAreaEquipDetail.htmlText = txtAreaEquipDetail.htmlText + "Material : " + material + "\n";
txtAreaEquipDetail.htmlText = txtAreaEquipDetail.htmlText + "Serial No : " + event.result.Equimaster.Serialno + "\n";
var costcntr:String=event.result.Equilocation.Costcenter;
txtAreaEquipDetail.htmlText = txtAreaEquipDetail.htmlText + "Cost Center : " + costcntr + "\n";
CustomerID = event.result.Equisales.Customer;
This is how we load the policy file.
This works fine when we run it from the IDE but throws up an error when we deploy it on the server
So are we missing something ?
Is there anything else to be done to overcome the security issue ?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Rich,
I followed the steps in your video when our system was R/3 4.7 (WAS 6.20) and the test worked fine, i.e. accessing the crossdomain by typing http://server:port/crossdomain.xml.
I followed the same steps with our new version (we're undergoing an upgrade) but I kept getting the error message:
"BSP Exception: the BSP URL /crossdomain.xml Does Not Contain Any Application Entries".  Then I saw Ivan post suggesting implementing OSS Note 1260386.  I applied the Note but I got the same error message. 
Then I ran function ICFBUFFER_INIT to make sure the buffer is cleared, cleared the cache in the browser and still got the same error message.
Our system is ERP 6.0, NetWeaver 7.0, level 17 (BASIS Component is SAPKB70017).
Please help.  Thank you.