CRM form of address

I'm in CRM 2007 6.0, trying to figure out what was the standard set of "form of address" that CRM delivered. This is because it has been customized 100% previously.
Please comment.


SAP delivers some standard Forms of Address, usually four key entries (and their corresponding translated entries).
Here's a typical extract of the Forms of Address table under Address Management/Business Address Services
Key    Title       Person   Org   Grp   Gender
0001      Ms.         X        X           2 Female
0002      Mr.          X        X           1 Male
0003      Company              X           Gender not known
0004      Dr.          X                    Gender not known
Take care as there are also special Forms that are maintained separately such as Academic Titles (6 entries), Name Prefixes (10 entries), Supplements (6 entries) and so on.