Creation of routing using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE

I need to create routing using BAPI. I am using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE. My routing is not saved. I am using BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT  also when message type is 'S', after Routing is created. But Still my routing is not saved. I can see successfull message as N/50003801/01 is created .
I already spent lot of time on this, and gone thru coding available in google search, still no use. I debug BAPI couple if timings but didnot find anything.
I even tried using SE37 directly by Sequence execution of both BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE & BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT, no use. i tried different combinations like by giving input values to INPUT PARAMETERS OF BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE giving BOM usage, without BOM usage, TESTRUN value as 'X' and as SPACE.
I even gone thru this Func. Module /SAPMP/BAPI_ROUTING_PROCESS which directly calls BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE inside it, but no use. I see many people is giving solution as BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT, but I really think that is not problem.
Does any one have any idea on this issue.
Thanks in Advance


Hi Cthota,
Indeed, TESTRUN must be equal to space. And BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT is needed, as stated in the doc's.
Could you please check all messages in RETURN table? Very likely there is something not correct in the parameters, that do not prevent the system to assign routing numbering, but that may affect saving.
Just let us known...

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