Creating Subtypes for Infotype,

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Please let me know, how can i create subtypes for Infotype 0006.


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Re: How to create new subtypes for OM  Custom infotype

Hi Gurus, I  facing  problem when creating for Subtypes in  OM , i need create Infotyes with Subtypes in OM.Check below steps how i created 1. I create Structure in se11. HRI9119 2. In PPCI , i create infotype 9119 3.In SM30 , I Maintain table T777i,

Maintaining subtypes  for 210 infotype federal withholding

Hi Gurus, I would like to know, if subtypes are not maintained for infotype 210? will this impact calculation of federal taxes for any state? .Help is appreciated. Thanks, FredI dont think,, you will be able to create the record for infotype 210 with

Specific Business Object for Infotype 2012 Time Transfer Specifications

Anyone know if there is a specific business object for infotype 2012 - Time Transfer Specifications? or should we use the standard EMPLOYEESU   Employee information according to infotype and subtype or create our own zclass, any experience/help is mu

INSERT is not working for infotype 584.

Hi Everyone, I am using the  'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION' function module to update the database for infotype 584. When i use 'INS' (insert operation the FM is going for a dump. Please help me out. CALL FUNCTION 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION'    EXPORTING      

Create a PD infotype

Hi experts, Can anybody guide me on how to create a PD infotype? I don't know if I have to use PM01 transaction or PPCI transaction, can anybody solve my doubt? Thanks a lot Regards, RebecaHi Suresh, Can you please tell me how to make the Custom PA I

Creating SYNONYM for all tables who don't have one at once!

Hello to all, I'm trying to create synonyms for every table who's missing one at the moment. I'm trying this code: declare cursor cur_objects is select obj.object_name , obj.owner from all_objects obj where owner = '&&SCHEMA_OWNER' AND NOT EXISTS

Any BAPI for Infotype 0015(Additional Data)

Hi, Can anyone provide information on BAPI for Infotypes 0015(Additional Data). Your help will be appreciated !!! Vijayanand.To upload data into infotype 0015 Use HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to create your a wrapper BAPI. You would also have to use BAPI_EM

How to extend IDOC type "HRMD_A" for infotype 2001?

Hi, I'm trying to send infotype 2001 to another SAP system via ALE and since it is not part of message type "HRMD_A" I have tried to create an extension. I've already created a new segment(we31) and put this segment into the extension(we30). And

How to Create Placement for contingent worker using API in 11i?

We need to Create Placement for contingent workers using an API or program without using EBS forms. On the People form, there is an Action - Create Placement that does just what we need. We can select an Ex-contingent worker, create placement, and sa

WebADI cannot create template for office 2007

Hi all, When I created document for template office 2007, the page became blank without any error and warning; Could you please advise solution? OS: Window 7; EBS: Office: 2007 Here is the bne.log: 4/25/12 2:19 PM ERROR BneBajaServlet:doReq

ABAP Routine for Deleting and creating index for ODS in Process chains

Any pointers for the ABAP Routine code for deleting and creating index for ODS in Process chains.Hi Sachin, find the following ABAP code to delete ODS ondex. data : v_ods type RSDODSOBJECT. move 'ODSname' to v_ods . CALL FUNCTION 'RSSM_PROCESS_ODS_DR

Creating variable for attribute

Hi guys, Is it possible to create variable for an attribute. My requirement is that the user wants Serial # as one of the user selection criteria which is an attribute of system code equipment in Dimension material. If not, is there any other possibl

I am creating box for two coloums in sap script

hi, i am creating box for two coloums when i am creating box for this two coloums this box is displaying from the top. when i am decreasing this hight it is decreasing from the buttom of the window i want to decrease from the top of window can u expl

What are the uses of MVC, Extension and how to create it for begineers pls

what are the uses of MVC, Extension and how to create it for begineers pls dont give link for tutorials please explain , thank you, Regards, Jagrut BahratKumar ShuklaHi, Check out this link : <a href="

LT04 or LT06 to create TO for TR

Hi all, I am trying convert TR to TO partial,  not all items and all quantity in TR. But I failed to realize them by FM L_TO_CREATE_MULTIPLE and L_TO_CREATE_TR. How could I realize that function converting TR to TO partial just like LT04. Thanks!!!He

Creating synonys for all table

i want to create synonyms for all atbles.the synonyn name and table name are same.instead creating one by one synonym i wnat to create all synonyms at a time. 1)select 'CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM'||' '||'test'||' '||'for' ||' '||'test' from dual 2)select

Need help on Creating YTD for a month variable in WEBi...

Dear Experts, I am using BO4.1. I am creating a WEBi report where I have a month variable which shows months in the below format                                                                                                                          

Create Favicon for URL Forwarding webpage

Hi, Do anyone know how to Create Favicon for URL Forwarding webpage? I have try out several method to make it done,but failed...might need helps here! Thanks!Hi, Please let me know your iWS version including service pack(example:4.1sp7)and OS version

What is authorization object and how to create it for a table

Hi All, What is authorization object and how to create it for a table? ThanksHi Authorization For authorization checks, there are many ways of linking authorization objects with user actions in an SAP system. The following discusses three possibiliti