Create commisson agent partner function

I have ascenario where in we need to have a commisson agent partner function in the sales order.
The agent shall be paid a fixed quantity per UOM of the finished product. This necessarily should be copied to the delivery and billing documents. The cond type that shall be maintained for this commission should be statistical and should not post an accounting entry in the billing document.
Client wants to carry out all related activities manually and wants an report with all related details. Depending on the billed quantity the agent shall be paid through a credit note after realisation of money from the payer.
Understand from my FI counterpart if an FI credit note has to be raised


You can create a partner function as Commission Agent and assign it to your sales order partner function and carry out your transaction and post the commission amount after the receipt of the payment.
You can go through as follows.
SPRO>Sales & Distribution>Basic Functions>Partner Determination>Set up Partner Determination>Set up Partner Determination for Sales Document Header>Partner Function>Select SP>Copy>Name it as ZC>Save it.
Now Click on Account Group-Function Assignment>New Entries>Partner Function "ZC" and Account Group-say your account group 1000> save it.
Now Click on Partner Determination Procedures>select TA and click on partner Functions in Procedure>New Entries>Partner Determination Procedures as TA and Partner Function as ZC>Save it
Now Click on Partner Determination Procedure Assignment>Select your Sales Order Type say OR and assign TA here and Save it
Now you also need to have a master of Commission Agents so, Create a separate Account group for it say ZCOM-Commission Agent>SPRO>Financial Accounting>Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable>Customer Accounts>Master Data>preparations for Creating Customer Master DAta>Define Account Groups with screen layout>New Entries>ZCOM>Save it.
Now Number Ranges for your commission agent>SPRO>Financial Accounting>Accounts receivable and accounts payable>Customer Accounts>Master Data>preparations for Creating Customer Master Data>Create Number ranges for Customer Accounts>Click on Change intervals>insert interval>ZC>SAVE it
Assign number ranges to your account group ZCOM and ZC number range.
Now for having a separate master data for your commission agent you need to also separately set up a Partner Determination Procedure for it.
Same procedure for setting this also>spro>Sales & Distribution>Basic Functions>Set up Partner Determination>Setup Partner Determination procedure for Customer Master
Select Partner Functions>new Entries>partner function as ZC-partner type-KU>Save it
Now click on Accounts Group-Function Assignment>New Entries>Partner Function-ZC and Account group ZCOM>SAve it
Now click on Partner Determination Procedures>New Entries>Say ZC Commission Agent>Save it
Now Select your partner Determination Procedure ZC and Click on Partner Functions in Procedures>New Entries-ZC-ZC>Save it
Now Click on  Partner Determination Procedure Assginment>New Entries>Group-ZCOM-partner procedure-ZC>SAve it
Now create your Commission Agent>XD01>Create your commission Agents with only one partner function i.e ZC and save it
whenever you create sales order you need to manually select the ZC partner function in your sales order header and complete your sales oprocess. On completion of the sales activity i.e receipt of payment your can issue a credit note using SD functionality also.
I have done it while answering this query, try this out and let me know if you have any queries.
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