Cpu upgrade question on 6330 lite mobo

hello everyone ! got a newbie upgrading question here, was wondering if anyone had advice, suggestions to help me out here ....
I have a duron 800mhz cpu on a 6330-lite motherboard with award bios version 2.1 installed.  my question :
I want to upgrade to an Athlon (Thunderbird) 1.2G ( 100 mhz fsb ) as per the specs listed on the cpu support page on the website.  Is there anything special i need to do in order to upgrade ?  I mean, is all I have to do is purchase the cpu and then install it ? no changing any jumper settings or updating the bios ? or if so, exactly what should i do ? i dont wanna ruin the computer here, it runs good, just wanted to increase the cpu speed a bit .... i have never upgraded a cpu before, but it seems as though this would be simple enough for me to try.
any advice or suggestions as to what to do is greatly appreciated !
thanks !


a couple quick questions : thanks for the response !
So i would just install the new processor and then clear the cmos ?
how exactly do i clear the cmos on the 6330-lite motherboard ? Ive cleared cmos on other mobos before, just unsure how to do it on this one ...
thanks !