Corrupted iPhone music library

I travel extensively with just my iPhone and am havien a problem when I download podcasts using wifi. When I do so, fo some reason the music library info is wiped clean and (in other words all music, video and podcasts that were on the device aren't visable from itunes on the phone - only the the podcasts i newly downloaded). Once I go home and sync with my desktop again, the library info will be restored. If I connect the iPhone to another PC and music library, I see all the songs and videos through iTunes.
I've tried restarting the iPhone - no change. Any ideas what's going on?


Having the same problem. Downloaded podcast onto my iPhone 3G from iTunes over wifi. iPod app crashed while loading, then only the recently downloaded podcast was available and everything else was gone. Still shows as having a lot of files on the iPhone.
Have reset and restarted iPhone, and tried buying a new song from iTunes but that did not cause anything to come back.
This problem is showing up in a couple of different forums.