Copying music from mini ipod to computer

I want to copy the music I have on my ipod nano to a different computer with a fresh copy of itunes
I tried the directions I found on the support page; Edit, Preference, check - Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding library. The iTunes Media folder does exist. Then - File Library, Organize Library, check - Consolidate files. okay
Nothing happens - I'm afraid to hit sync, I do have the Manually manage music and Video checked.
If I hit sync I get a warning message about replacing music on the ipod with music on the computer. There is no music on the PC, that's the whole problem. If I lose this music there is a chance I will never breath again.
I have gone through the steps to transfer authorized purchases and authorizing the PC. I have completed 2 computers out of 5.
Oh, crap, forgot, I'm using Windows 8 and I do have enough space on the computer to hold the music files.
Thanks you


See this user tip. It refers to the iPhone, but it's equally valid for iPods as well…
Syncing to a "New" Computer or replacing a "crashed" Hard Drive