Constant problems with HP 309g-m wireless

I'm honestly about to throw this device out the window - it cannot retain connectivity with my wireless router for more than one print job.I've already had to replace the wireless antennae once, and I swear I've now spent more time troubleshooting it than using it...and more ink on those "there's nothing wrong" pages than anything we've printed.
Okay, so I'm not here just to vent. Two questions:
1. Is there some fatal combination of products/systems in my setup?
2. Is this just a broad based defect of the model?
Here's the facts:
HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook
Windows 7, 64 bit
Cisco Valet Plus
HP Photosmart Premium 3-in-1 309g-m


Let's set a static IP address for the printer:
- Print a Network Config Page from the front of the printer. Note the printer's IP address.
- Type that IP address into a browser to reveal the printer's internal settings.
- Choose the Networking tab, then Wireless along the left side, then the IPv4 tab.
- On this screen you want to set a Manual IP. You need to set an IP address outside the range that the router automatically sets (called the DHCP range). Yours is likely to .149.  Let's use for the printer IP address.
- Use for the subnet (unless you know it is different, if so, use that)
- Leave the gateway and DNS blank. Click 'Apply'
Now, shut down the router and printer, start the router, wait, then start the printer.
After this you may need to redo 'Add a Printer' using the new IP address.
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I am employed by HP

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