Connect to DB2

Hi All,
This is my scenario,
I've installed BI 7.0 on SOLARIS with MAXDB  I need to connect it with external database DB2/AS400 (as source system)
As far as i read, i can use DBCONNECT but it 100% necessary that BW Server is installed in Windows NT, so this is not my case.(SOLARIS)
Does anybody any idea how can i fix it?
Thanks in advanced


I've checked your question, and I would like you to check the link below:
Now, regarding if it would be possible to connect using DB Connect from a Solaris using kernel 700 64 bits UNICODE, there is a DBSL for Solaris for DB2, so basically I think it is possible.
I'm not sure if this is your configuration, but I would like to recommend you to check the link below:
There you will find the information on how to check if the DBSL exists for a version:
     You access the required directory from the Software Center on SAP Service Marketplace at: ®Download  ® Support Packages and Patches ® Entry by Application Group ® SAP NetWeaver ® SAP NetWeaver  ®  .SAR.
I hope this answers you question.
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