Connect to 5 GhZ Band on Cisco E3000 (with Macbook Pro)

I just recently bought the Cisco E3000 and I set it up and such and everything works great (set-up ran through my computer).  The only problem I have is that my own macbook pro won't connect to the 5 Ghz band and I don't know how to make it connect to it.  My brother's old macbook and new macbook connect fine to the 5 Ghz.  And my parent's older PC laptops connect to the 2.4 Ghz band.   I googled this problem and I saw that other people tried to assign a different name to the 5 Ghz band and then to assign the computer's preference to that but I don't know how to create a unique name for each band.  
Please help me!!  Thanks a ton!!!  Any help would be appreciated!!


Which network adapter you are using on your Mac computer....?
Make sure that the adapter you are using on your Mac computer should 5Ghz network.If it support then,you can try by changing the wireles channel on the router.To change the channel or the network name on the router,open the Cisco Connect software and go to Advance settings,there you can open the setup page of the router and make the required changes.

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