Confirmation in co11n

Hi, please advise is it necessary to mention the u201Cexecution start date and timeu201D and u201Cexec finish date and timeu201D in co11n screen while conforming the hours. Say, if we enter 1 hr as labor activity, whether this 1 hr should match with execution time difference? If we do not enter exec  date and time, will there be any problems?


Activities have no link to your start and execution time. Your can have execution time for e.g. 3 pm to 8 pm and  you can have labour activity as 2 hours which will used in cost calculations. Execution times are important from reporting to point of view.

Enter more than one personnel number for the same confirmation in CO11N

More than one labor working on Machine work center simultaneously. So that during production orders confirmation in CO11N we need to enter more than one personnel number for the same confirmation but in CO11N the system allow me to enter only one per

Restriction to delete goods movement data during confirmation thru CO11N

hello all Please let me know how to prevent the user to delete the rows in goods movement screen during confirmation through transaction CO11N ,as users are able to confirm without goods issue by deleting that rows. Should we contact basis person for

Want to Restrict in Production Confirmation CO11N

Hi,      I got a Temporary requirement. The Scenario Note - I am not running MRP Directly creating production Order using CO01. Production Confirmation using CO11N. I want to restrict the Production Confirmation suppose i am creating Produ

Reg. Stock of material through CO11N confirmation

Dear Experts I am doing confirmation entry in CO11N, Stock is not coming to stock overview screen, there is no stock. Pls help, what to do for that to bring the stock. Thanks Rajakumar.KDear Raja, If you are using Blackflush indicator then automatica

Production order confirmation with Phantom Assy through CO11N

Hi,      We are trying use phantom assy in our production order, we have one BOM with 17 assy, now we have marked our 17 assy with special procurement as 50, we released order for the same, i confirm 10 machine say out of 15 machine through CO11N, no

CM01 not updating upon partial confirmation of an activity in order

Hello PP Angels, I am looking for an explanation for this. When a production order is partially confirmed, (using CO11N), for an activity -- say labor time. (and do not confirm any quantity ) subsequently, on checking the CM01 Standard Overview, I fi

Goods movement during operation confirmation

Hi Gurus Currently My system is backflushing all the components when i partially confirm the operation through Co11n T-code, which i dont want. I want the backflushing should happen only after the final confirmation of the operation. Is there any con

Confirmation operation time to be displaysd when it comes in betwn holidys

i am doing one confirmation ( co11n )  which started on saturday 17:30 pm but the wrkcenter timings are 9:00 am to 18:00 pm  but the operation time is of 4 hours 0:30min on saturday and remainig balance on monday with 3hr 30 min done but in my confir

Restrict confirmation from very first operation.

Dear Sap Gurus, I am new in SAP, I just want to know logic or if possible code for how i can restrict the production order confirmation unless all the production order BOM components goods issue are done?i am using transaction (CO11) to confirm opera

Restrcit Co11N and QF01 at workcentre level

Hello, I want to restrict CO11N and QF01 at workcentre level, Could you please suggest which object i can include to restrict at work centre level. My requirement is to restrict users from performing the confirmation in CO11N based on the work center

Routing-Operation per person wise Confirmation.

Hi Experts, Is there any possibility of capturing no. of persons working on particular operation and how much each person efficiency.. For Ex: Operation  10 u2013 Two persons are working on single machine, but we are able to confirm only one person i

CO11N confirmatiom Very very urgent

I'm trying to cofirm prodn order oprn wise, in CO11n screen goods movement screen in not displaying next to actual data button & also i'm getting the message goods movement failed, maintain stor locn. i'm using podn order with all components backflus

Serial Number. Production Order Confirmation. GR. UD. Sales Delivery

Hi Gurus, Please help on this issue to get any user exits ..... As part of Serial number management, we have a certain issues on serial number confirmation, goods receipt from production order and quality inspection with UD. Master data: Finished pro

Change Routing Activity value during Operation wise confirmation (CO11)

Hello All, In Tool room scenario I need to carry out operation wise confirmation co11/co11n to know the order progress. However I need to update activity value (in routing) for each operation once the operation is finished physically. Is this possibl

Order qty and total confirmed qty in PI sheets

Dear Experts, Kindly suggest the possibility of appearing total order qty and already confirmed qty in the PI sheet, system useually provides the same while performing confirmation through co11n or cor6. Thanks in advance for your help.. Regards, Nit

Error at production order cancellation .

Dear all , I have posted same issue before this but due to technical problem i am not able to see your replies . So plz reply me again for the error at the time of production order cancellation . Production order has been confirmed for operation no 0

How to maintain time spec.of operations in routing and work centers

Dear consultants, We dont have any time specifications in routing or work center .. we just create an order and the execution of the production involves many operations.... now we want to be specific about the time of operations as the need is to tra

Scrap accounting in Sheet metal industry

Hi, I need to take account of the sheet metal scrap generated in the cutting process. ex: 100 * 100 mm size of thin sheet metal in cut in to numerous pieces, and remaining portions are scrapped. 1. How can i take account of this amount? 2. During pro

Inprocess inspection

Hi experts One of my semifinished material i have routing with two operation from PP side . I add a new operation for QM inspection with Assign QM work center and assign inspection chracterestic in routing Now i have the following dout on this 1.What