Computer created wifi network issue

I am trying to get wifi to work on my iphone using a mac-mini created computer-to-computer network. The mini is the only thing using an internet connection in the house, so I do not have a wireless router, just a cable modem plugged into the mini. Realizing that I need wifi to do a few things that i would like to do with my iphone (use the remote app, browse itunes store, etc.) i created a network from the computer and joined it on the iphone. The iphone says it is connected to the new network, but seems to only use 3g on safari and other apps - anything using wifi does not see a connection.
Is the problem based on my created network or am I another one of the seemingly endless amount of people with wifi problems?


I didn't realize that the problem has been solved already, i didn't see the other posts. never mind this then. sorry.
Hi there,
You don't have a problem or anything, there is just a setting that you need to turn on so that you can get the internet working on your iphone through the wireless network.
1. Open System Preferences
2. Click on Sharing (under Internet & Network)
3. Click on Internet Sharing on the left hand side
4. Make sure that you choose "Ethernet" from the drop-down menu for "Share your connection from:"
5. Then check "Airport" in the box below.
6. Check the "Internet Sharing" box on the left hand side, and you are ready to go.
6. If you want, you can set a password for you wireless network from the "Airport Options" button.
I hope that helps!
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