Compresor asks for serial number

I had to uninstall FCP 4.5 but after I reinstalled and when I want to export using compressor it asks me for a serial number. I only have the three books with serial's for FCP DVD 3 and Motion.


Hi Kartikay
Regarding my problems with Creative Cloud:
Yes,I have used the same e-mail adress when logging in to Creative Cloud.
When opening one of the installed applications it says that it is a Tryout CC version. After the aplication starts a modal comes up where I can choose between "License this application" or "Continue with trial version".
Choosing "License this application" leads to new dialogue which says "Log in needed ... You will be logged in as XXXX (my adobe email)." Button "Back" or "Log in" is shown.
I choose Log in and a new modal comes up:
"Serialnumber, Specify your serial number". Then an input field divided in 6 parts. An info icon is shown next to "Specify serial number". On hoover a text expands saying: "Use the serial number you got when buying the product. If you are a volume license user you find the serial number on ..."
Following above stated link I am required to fill in Adobe user name and password. Doing so I get following message:
Is there any way to get a more private support than writing in this wall? I Would very much appreciate if Adobe had a support e-mail adress or even a phon number to call for this matters.