Completion level preceds the approval level

Dear SAP expert,
Our company is implementing SRM 7.0 right now and we have a confusion of what SAP means in the documentation for approval with completion level. It mentions, as I quote:
"If the process schema contains a completion level, it always precedes the approval levels"
Does it mean that the approver which able to do a completion (having inquire button) cannot be the approver AFTER the approver who can only approve/reject? We exactly have the requirement where ALL the approvers need to approve first, and only after that the purchaser will complete the shopping cart (eg. changing the free text item with a product id), where the purchaser will be the last approver.
This is to prevent the stigma that purchaser is delaying the process (IF the purchaser is the first approver with completion, then if there is a delay in purchaser it will be blamed on the purchaser).
Can someone shed the light on this matter?


Hi Saravanan,
Thanks a lot for your help. One thing i notice in the note that you mention that by default if SC is in approval phase and when the creator receive the work item, he can only accept the rejection. I thought that if the SC is rejected the creator will always have the option to revise and restart the approval workflow? As in
which one is correct? If the SC is rejected and it goes back to the creator, the creator can have the option to not accept the rejection right? By revising the SC and re-start the approval again.